Digisonde Internet Connectivity Examples

1. Rutherford-Appleton Laboratories (RAL) / Chilton, UK

RAL has provided a connection to an Internet gateway via 10BASE-2 thin-wire cable. Microsoft local network is available within the same network segment. An operator at the Lab is able to access the Digisonde data directories via the "network drive" mechanism. Thus, RAL office computers with Windows 95/NT can be used as Remote Control Platforms running Viewer application in monitoring/control mode. 

The online sounding data are transferred via FTP to the World Data Center C1 UNIX computer for archiving.



2. RAL / Lerwick, Shetland Is., UK

No Internet connection is available at Lerwick site as of October 1997. A modem is used to provide a (limited) remote access to the Digisonde. WDC-C1 client makes regular automated connections to the DPS to download recent sounding data. Download schedule assumes a few hours delay before the data can be published on the Web by WDC-C1. Remote control of Digisonde and software upgrades are possible via modem connection. 




3. UMLCAR / Millstone Hill, MA USA

A fiberoptic cable is provided to the Digisonde 256 hut to connect to BAO/Haystack network. The original configuration assumed Digisonde 256 transferring real-time data to an ARTIST-3 computer which further delegates the data to ARTIST-4 computer for processing, archiving, WWW publishing and disseminating over FTP. However, for the last two years UMLCAR always has a newly assembled VIS (JORN DPS-1) station under test at Millstone Hill. An arrangement is made for VIS to report ionograms over FTP to the ARTIST-4 computer of Digisonde 256 (the VIS itself does not provide WWW service).
When the full-featured connection of Digisonde to Internet is impossible or data rates are too low for a satisfactory WWW operation, the scenario of reporting online data to a remote ARTIST-4 computer for processing and Web publishing should be considered. To provide Digisonde remote control capabilities and software upgrades, the minimum requirement is a modem connection to the original Digisonde site. 

Millstone Hill


4. Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica (ING) / Rome, Italy

The Digisonde is located within the Institute building and simply included into the ING network. The configuration is very similar to RAL Chilton setup but no data is reported to a WDC as of October 1997. The ADEP post-processing is located with the Digisonde in the same office to produce CD-ROMs with the sounding data. 














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