Commission G will have 17 half-day sessions, including 7 joint sessions with Commissions H, F, and J. The sessions and conveners are listed below.

Commission G Sessions:
G1 Recent radar systems & scientific highlights in polar ionosphere & atmosphere research  J. Roettger (Germany) and W. Hocking (Canada)
G2 Ionospheric storms and substorms: radio observations and modeling A. Shirochkov (Russia) and J. Hargreaves (UK)
G3 Low latitude ionosphere effects on systems and radio propagation Su Basu (USA), Sa. Basu (USA) and B.M. Reddy (India)
G4 Open session and latest results K. Schlegel (Germany)
G5 Internet Session: Ionospheric data and models on the WWW D. Bilitza (USA) and T. Araki (Japan)
Joint Sessions:
GC Digital techniques in ionospheric radio propagation, control and communication D. Mark Haines (USA) and P. Cannon (UK)
GF Ionosphere and Troposphere parameters retrieved from GPS/GLONASS measurements. P. Hoeg (Denmark) and J. P. V. Poiares-Baptista (Netherlands)
GH1 Electromagnetic coupling including seismic activity between the ground and the upper ionosphere & magnetosphere S. Pulinets (Russia), M. Parrot (France) and O. Molchanov (Russia)
GH2 Lighning ionosphere interaction U.Inan (USA) and D. Nunn (UK)
HG1 Theory & simulation of nonlinear kinetic processes in space plasmas Y. Omura (Japan), M. Ashour-Abdalla (USA) and S. Ossakow (USA)
HG2 Radio-frequency sounders in space, new and old G. James (Canada), R. Benson (USA) and B. Reinisch (USA)
HG3 Wave propagation: observation and data analysis F. Lefeuvre (France) and Y. Hashimoto (Japan) and K. Mahajan (India)
HG4 Comparative studies of space & laboratory plasmas W. Gekelman (USA) and C. Hanuise (France)
HG5 Ionospheric modification with high power radio waves: coupling of plasma processes T.B. Leyser (Sweden) and S. Basu (USA)
JCEG Interference protection measures R. Fisher (USA)
JFG Tropospheric path delay correction D. Woody (USA)

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