Abstracts of the Founded Proposals

Phillip Anderson (University of Texas at Dallas), Response of the Ionosphere and Thermosphere to Geomagnetic Storms in the Mid to Low Latitudes

Manbharat Dhadly (Naval Research Laboratory), Exploring the high-latitude origin, evolution, and low-latitude impacts of large scale traveling ionosphere/thermosphere disturbances

Chaosong Huang (Air Force Research Laboratory), Dynamic and Coupling Processes in the Mid-Latitude and Equatorial Thermosphere and Ionosphere during Geomagnetic Storms

Liying Qian (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research), Variability of global electric field and its impact on the longitudinal structure of the ionosphere

Ludger Scherliess (Utah State University), Stormtime Longitudinal Variability in the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System

Qian Wu (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research), Investigating Penetrating Electric Field Effect on the Vertical Ion Drift

Shasha Zou (University of Michigan), Multi-instrument observational and modeling study of equatorial to mid-latitude ionosphere-thermosphere dynamics during geomagnetic disturbances